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Herrera Architects

Project Types


Single Family Residential Design has always been a focus  for Tom, and recently the firm was awarded an ongoing contract to provide residential design services for a local non-profit Housing Authority. Tom was very excited to win this contract as this is an area of design services he was extremely interested in getting the firm involved with. In addition the firm is currently doing several kitchen/bath/garage remodels as well as a couple of custom homes.

Micro Breweries

Being located in the Pacific Northwest Tom has been fortunate enough to be involved with several local microbreweries, helping them establish their initial facilities including tasting rooms and restaurants. Being a homebrewer himself, Tom has always held an interest in this project type and has the background to assist these clients as the navigate the requirements by both federal and state/local authorities.

Hi Rise Apartment

Tom has an extensive background in high rise residential construction and design. A good portion of our work includes consulting work for other architectural offices providing both design and construction administration services. Tom recently completed the design and construction adminstration services for a 24 floor high rise residential tower in downtown Seattle for a local firm, and is currently working on providing construction adminstration services for a 32 floor high rise residential tower for another firm in downtown Seattle. He is also negotiating to provide consulting design services for two other firms.  Overall Tom has been involved with over a dozen high rise residential projects in his career.

Ski Lodges

 Tom has worked on a wide variety of Ski Lodges and Villages, ranging from the design and construction of a single building within a ski village, to the design of entire new villages, including the service facilities. These projects have been located in various ski destinations located in Idaho, Montana, California, Utah and Colorado.